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Wholistic Vibrations Takes Great Pride In Unique Assessment Testing.

Wholistic Vibrations is a natural health business specialising in very unique & very helpful natural diagnosis assessment testing, along with advice on Supplements, Nutrition, exercise &, stress management, complemented by whatever natural therapies are needed, according to each individual’s test results.

The Goal

The goal of the qualified therapists working with Wholistic Vibrations, is to offer professional therapies and advice, designed to improve sleep, energy, flexibility & feelings of well-being, and to overcome any neck, hip or low back pain, & loss of muscle-joint flexibility, while doing everything possible to realign vertebra, correct spinal curvature, vertebral hyper-mobility & Degenerative Disc Disease, to free up the nervous system.

Due to the unique assessment tests offered, along with our advanced in-house training program, our advanced-trained therapists are able to offer a Wholistic therapy that has often been able to overcome a variety of autoimmune symptoms, such as: chronic fatigue, ankle swelling, loss of balance, numbness in limbs, drop foot, breathing difficulties, loss of hearing or sense of smell, & tremors, while re-vitalising a youthful enjoyment of living. Our unique success over these symptoms is due to the many breakthrough discoveries in natural health, that our advanced in-house training is based on

Our Founder

Our founder was first known for his unique assessment skills while operating a mobile assessment desk to promote supplement sales & sales of his own natural health books, at several “Healthy Life” health stores & several Terry White Pharmacy supplement outlet from 1996 to 2001.

Our Founder Made Discoveries, Enabling Immobilised Patients To Walk, In 7 Days.

The founder of Wholistic Vibrations, Noel N Batten, a graduate of Hepburn’s College Of Natural Medicine, developed a real passion for the natural wholistic approach, after he learned ideals that enabled him to overcome epilepsy, bronchitis & allergies to foods & pollen, himself, at age 14, to become a nationally successful weightlifter & bodybuilder.

He later used his knowledge to help several cancer patients into remission with Dr. Max Gerson’s principals, & several advanced Parkinson & MS patients regain mobility, in 5 days, with Dr. James Parkinson’s discoveries

Experienced Team

Our History

After overcoming his own autoimmune disorders, he dedicated his life to helping others in similar situations & as a result, he has been invited to 9 different countries to deliver seminars & treat: known people in Hollywood, medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths and numerous others. His therapeutic philosophy is: to fix any health problem, you must first find & reverse all the causes. This is why he spent many years perfecting his unique assessment tests that helped him find & correct causal problems that encourage autoimmune disarray.

To Be Accepted Into Wholistic Vibrations One Must Already Have Qualifications.

All therapists working under the Wholistic Vibrations banner, must have studied a minimum of: anatomy/physiology & massage, at a reputable college, before being accepted into the WV in-house “Further Education Program” to learn our unique assessment tests, nerve massage & stress management principals.
At the end of the day, therapists working at Wholistic Vibrations can offer a variety of natural health modalities, including: Natural Assessment Testing for auto-immune efficiency, remedial, deep tissue & nerve massage, Respiratory, Digestion, Absorption, Blood cleansing & weight loss therapies, Gentle Correction Spinal Therapy (reading spinal X-rays included), Iridology (Iris Assessment), & Exercise for therapeutic muscle rejuvenation.

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