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Wholistic Vibrations Strives To Solve Even The Most Challenging Health Issues.

Spinal & hip alignment, Blood pressure, Oxygen saturation levels and a Nerve Strength test are some of our most helpful tests

Unique Assessment

Wholistic Vibrations is a natural health business offering unique natural assessment tests carried out on both sides of the body, to discover any differences that can affect nerve strength and autoimmune efficiency. Spinal and hip alignment, Blood pressure, Oxygen saturation levels and a Nerve Strength test are most helpful tests. Knowing this information helps to accurately monitor immune strength and nerve activity, and, helps to regain optimum immune capabilities, once compromised. This appears to be one of the missing links in healthcare, that may help to solve some of the most challenging health issues.

Dizziness & Balance

Dizziness and Loss Of Balance Come From Differences Between Both Sides Of The Body. Discoveries in Europe revealed, the first immune weakness that precedes autoimmune disarray and the development of autoimmune symptoms such as dizziness, loss of balance, vertigo, anxiety, fatigue, and autoimmune disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, Emphysema, Irritable bowel syndrome, Celiac disease, Multiple sclerosis, Sarcoidosis, MSA, ALS, and others similar, is an imbalance between the left and right sides of the body. Massage therapists see this anomaly on a regular basis, but few understand its relevance to autoimmune health. Here is one example of a client Betty, whose symptoms were overcome, as these differences were corrected.

Uneasiness Quiver

All People With Autoimmune Disarray, Feel A Faint Inner Quiver.

We believe, the very first immune weakness to develop, preceding the onset of any autoimmune symptom, is that muscles and organs on one side of the body, begin to fatigue or become more rigid, than those on the other. This imbalance reflects a “uneasiness quiver” from the nervous system, or faint inner shaking feeling that, in extreme cases, will develop into a visible tremor. This is why, tremors always begin on one side of the body.



There Are Reasons Why Supplements Help Some People, But Not Others.

Realising this imbalance also enables a therapist who is aware of how to correct this difference, to administer the most effective treatment and recommend the most appropriate diet and supplements to encourage improved sleep, energy and well-being. Many medical doctors and movement disorder specialists have focused on research in this area, to find solutions for Parkinson’s disease, one being Dr. Robert Edwards at University Of California San Francisco, UCSF. From our understanding, people who gain little or no advantage from supplements, who have difficulty relaxing, and who wake up during the night due to bladder incontinence, are people who have a difference in nerve activity, between both sides of the body, hindering diffusion of oxygen due to excessive “cortisol”, and through suppression of the nutrient absorption enzyme “amylase”.

The Backbone

We Always Look To The Nervous System and the spine, First.

Every physiological function relies on all sections of our brain, and all our organs receiving strong nerve signals to enable them to function as God intended. Some of the most difficult mysteries of health can be solved by reinstating strong nerve signals to any weakened physiological activity.


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