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Most People Focus On The Wrong Aspects of Diet and Stress

When it comes to diet and stress, media advertising and poor public awareness causes most people to focus on the nutritional value of food, to design what they assume to be, a “good” diet, and, improving the ability to relax, when it comes to dealing with stress. All the rest, which fully controls autoimmune health and vitality, and which is absolutely essential, many only get right accidentally.

Whilst nutritional values and relaxation ability are both important factors of health and vitality, relying on them alone, will not get to the heart of the matter, in developing your full youthful, energetic potential. And on their own, these two contributing factors will certainly not help to overcome an autoimmune symptom or health issue, such as: – Hypotension (low blood pressure), hypertension (high blood pressure), vertigo or loss of balance, fatigue, bladder incontinence and broken sleep, swollen ankles, stomach bloating, food intolerances, tremors, and many of the actual autoimmune disorders like PD, MS, COPD, IBS and others similar.


Ask Yourself This:

“Why is it, people who appear to always do the things that will keep them healthy, are so often sick, and alternatively, why so many people who do the things we assume will give them ill-health, are always healthy and vibrant?

ANSWER: We often assume the wrong things.

Absorption and Self-management Must Always Come First.

At Wholistic Vibrations, we certainly do place importance on the quality and type of food that makes up each individual’s diet (especially if a blood-cleansing diet is called for), and, on a person’s ability to relax well, during stressful times, and certainly, supplements can help. The real art of living young and energetic however, is to learn how to help your system absorb the nutrient your body receives from your diet and supplements, and, to learn how to predict the stress you may be subjected to, according to the variety of options you have, in each opportunity that comes along in life.

Good Sleep, Personal Goals and Digestion-absorption Supplements Are A Must, During Stress.

I don’t personally believe we should take the same supplements, all the time, as this is a habit that tends to spoil the need of our small intestine and gall bladder to remain strong at being able to draw nutrient from the foods we consume, on a daily basis. On the other hand, I do believe that individuals need to know which supplement are needed, to help deal with a variety of individual health issues and stress factors. This way, a person can take only those supplements that are needed, to help the mind and body remain efficient during any stressful, or poor health situation that come along. This is why we at Wholistic Vibrations place so much importance on doing tests on both sides of the body, for comparison, so we can offer the best of nutritional and dietary advice.

In order to learn this information, Wholistic Vibrations offers a series of eBooks which can be purchased from the “SHOP” page. Here are 5 in particular, which cover the subjects just mentioned, and if needed, we also offer Skype consultations so as to personalize our advice for your individual needs: –

Good Sleep
Physical Happiness BOOK COVER
The Stomach
The Mind
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